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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Upcoming posts - TV Game 15 and Nintendo board games

In the next days I will upload a post about the Color TV-Game 15 (which I noticed was still missing from the series overview).

I will also make a start documenting the wide range of Nintendo board games.

What would you like to see first?


  1. Well naturally my inclination would be to say BOTH! But in a pinch I will have to say BOARDGAMES!

  2. AAARRGHH! Having said that, I never knew there was a Sharp version of TV Game 15, as shown in your picture above. I only thought there was the Sharp version of TV Game 6! Alright then, tell us about the TV Game 15 please.

  3. OK! TV Game 15 it is.

    @Simon: Yes, Sharp licensed the TV Game 6 as well as the TV game 15. They are both quite rare these days.

  4. Wow! It is great news for all of game lover