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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nintendo Museum exhibition, Osaka - part 2

Yesterday I posted an interview with Isao Yamazaki regarding the Nintendo Museum that was held in Osaka in the spring of 2007.

This short exhibition (eleven days only) was conducted as part of the celebrations around the 100th birthday of the Hankyu department store. On display were a broad selection of items from Nintendo's past, showing the full history from early Hanafuda cards up to the Wii and everything in between.

Here are some more pictures from this great event, kindly provided by Florent Gorges. They give a behind-the-scenes view on how the exhibition was put together.

All items from Isao's collection were especially shipped in. They were packed with the greatest care. Most of these are 30 to 40 years old, some even older.

Isao Yamazaki working on one of the displays

The team worked hard to display all items beautifully.

Florent helping out with the installation of the items

Of course, being around so many toys, it is hard not to start playing with them.

Isao trying out an Ultra Scope

After a long preparation time, everything is ready for the visitors to arrive.

Check out these posts to find out more about: the Nintendo Museum and Isao's collection.

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