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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Meet the Collectors - #10 - Sonny Willimon

In our Meet the Collectors series we come across collectors from all parts of the world. After the recent visit to Italy, this time we travel to the United States of America, where we meet Sonny.

"My name is Sonny Willimon. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the United States. I currently work in local government and also as a soldier in the US Army National Guard. I just recently turned 30."

"I've been enjoying Nintendo products quite literally since the near-beginning of my life. There exists a photograph of two-year old me from 1990 sporting a Super Mario Bros. 2 shirt. Nintendo and Mario have been a constant preoccupation for me during my spare time ever since mother decided to pick up an NES from a local pawn shop for us kids to enjoy. From there, I started to collect Nintendo games back as early as 1998."

Young Sonny

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Tour inside Nintendo headquarters in 1970

The historic Nintendo company brochure that recently surfaced, provides a great record of its main Kyoto offices and factories as they existed in 1970.

Nintendo had just invested significantly in the development of these buildings, located in the Higashiyama district of Kyoto. Today this lot of land is still owned and used by Nintendo. However, the head office and main R&D offices have since moved to the Minami district in Kyoto, and part to Tokyo. Many of the buildings shown here no longer exist today.

Join me as we travel almost fifty years back in time!

We start with an overview picture. The building on the left are the offices.

The circular sign on the front of this building is the Marufuku logo, used by Nintendo for its card products.

Nintendo had used this logo almost from it's start in 1889, is is evident from this 1915 calendar.

The production facilities can be seen on the right. Check out that huge sign with the Nintendo logo (任天堂) on the roof of one of the buildings.

Nintendo was one of the bigger employers in this area, with a very visible presence.

The site is located close to the Tobakaido railway station. The Keihan Main Line and Nara Line both pass right next to it. A large neon sign with the text "Nintendo Trump" (任天堂 トランプ) has been put up facing the tracks, advertising these playing cards towards the streams of daily commuters.

We now start our tour inside in the office building, and enter the spacious lobby.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Nintendo Company Overview from 1970

The year 1970 was an important year in the history of Nintendo. It had just completed new offices at its headquarter location in the Higashiyama district of Kyoto and received a listing at the premiere stock market in Osaka.

To mark this moment, and attract (wholesale) customers and investors, the company produced a company overview brochure (会社概況).

Nintendo Company Overview from 1970 (front)

The brochure has 16 pages inside. It was printed in full colour.

Full layout of the brochure (front, 16 pages content, back)

The first page contains a summary of the key information about the company.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Meet the Collectors - #9 - Pasquale Esposito

It's been a while since the previous episode of Meet The Collectors on this blog. I always love to see fellow collectors' passion for their hobby, and I hope to share more of these posts in the future, with collections big or small.

Today we head to Italy, to meet Pasquale who has gathered quite a nice collection, with new and vintage Nintendo items, as well some other brand video games.

"Hi! I am Pasquale Esposito, 20 years old. I am from Naples but now I live in Apulia, another region of South Italy. I work as sales clerk in a kitchen appliance store and I also study Economy at the University."

"In my free time I’m a football referee and a 'Leo' Member. I know that I’m very young for being a collector, but video-games are my biggest passion."