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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Nintendo Ele-conga manual restored

The Ele-conga (エレコンガ) is an electronic percussion instrument, created by Nintendo and released in 1972. It offers five different analogue sounds: Snare, Maracas, Claps, High Congas and Low Congas.

I recently came into contact with Forgotten Futures, an organization whose mission is "to revive lost and forgotten yet vital artifacts of electronic musical instrument history by collecting, faithfully restoring and preserving original instruments".

Nintendo Ele-conga (1972) manual front

They were interested in preserving the Ele-conga manual and I gladly provided a scan of a copy from my collection.

Nintendo Ele-conga (1972) manual inside

The document was digitally restored by Mike Buffington (his site here). I believe he did a great job, removing all stains, creases and other damage. You can see the result here.

Nintendo Ele-conga (1972) manual back

If you would like to learn more about this wonderful Nintendo item, check out this previous blog post.

For more information about Forgotten Futures, go to

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