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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Nintendo People House (ピープルハウス, 1968)

In the 60s and 70s of the last century, Nintendo made many toys with typical boy's themes, like racing cars (Mach Rider) and guns (Kousenjuu SP Light Gun series). The advertising of these toys also featured boys exclusively.

And although Nintendo also produced many games that were family oriented - aimed at both boys and girls alike - there is only one Nintendo toy series from this era created specifically for girls.

Nintendo People House series (1968)

This particular toy series is People House (ピープルハウス), released in Japan in 1968.

People House brochure

People House are themed play sets with small dolls, that came in plastic house-shaped carry cases.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nintendo's Baseball Board (任天堂の野球盤, ca 1965)

The 1967 baseball pitching toy Ultra Machine was one of Nintendo's first million sellers. But it was not their first baseball inspired game.

Nintendo's Baseball Board (ca 1965)

A few years earlier, when Nintendo just started moving from cards and boardgames into a broader field of toys, they made two related games: Disney Baseball Game (ディズニー野球盤) and Nintendo's Baseball Board (任天堂の野球盤).

There can be no mistake: this is a Nintendo game

An exact release data of Nintendo's Baseball Board is unknown, but it is believed to date from around 1965, possibly slightly earlier. The game cost ¥950.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nintendo Crossover (任天堂 クロスオーバー, 1981)

While Nintendo's head of Research and Development Gunpei Yokoi was busy overseeing the roll-out of the Game & Watch silver and gold series, he still found time to create a follow-up to his very successful Ten Billion puzzle: the Nintendo Crossover (クロスオーバー).

Unlike the Ten Billion, which was sold in large numbers worldwide, only a small quantity of Crossover puzzles was produced, making it one of the more rare and sought-after Nintendo items from the toys and games era.

Nintendo Crossover (1981)

The Crossover was advertised using the phrase「偏光スクリーン」, which means 'Polarized Light Screen'. The official English sub-title was 'Polarized Light Puzzle'. Why this is, we will get to in a minute.

Crossover was released in 1981, in three color variants: green, red or purple. It cost the same as the Ten Billion puzzle: ¥1,000.

Television commercial for the Nintendo Crossover

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nintendo N&B Block - Introduction (任天堂 ブロック, 1968-72)

In the late 60s in Japan, Nintendo created a range of construction sets with colorful plastic blocks. It was called Nintendo Block (任天堂 ブロック), which was shortened to "N&B Block" or just "N&B".

Assortment of models built with Nintendo N&B Block (1968-72)

The Nintendo N&B Block series was copyrighted to Nintendo, without any license from LEGO, however it was clearly "inspired" by the bricks from the Danish toy manufacturer.

Nintendo N&B Block leaflet

Monday, October 10, 2011

Nintendo N&B Block - Overview (任天堂 ブロック, 1968-72)

Today we are going to take a look at all sets in the Nintendo Block (任天堂 ブロック) series, also known as Nintendo N&B Block. A separate post gives an introduction to this range of building sets.

Mixed (ミックス) set NB 1400-MX, includes a good mix (as the name suggests) of blocks and some construction examples to start your imagination.

The Mixed (ミックス) sets came in four different sizes, with different mixes of round and rectangular blocks. Pictured below are NB 800-MXB, NB 1400-MXB and NB 1800-MXA.

A special mixed set is the Universe Set (宇宙セット), with product code NB 2800-MX.

This set is the biggest of all N&B Block sets. It contains a large variety of blocks, and building plans for five space themed items.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nintendo Custom Gunman - alternative versions - Shoot Em Ups

Around three weeks ago, I posted a message asking for information regarding alternatives versions of Nintendo Custom Gunman.

This quest was initiated by a message from US reader Joe, who was looking for a toy he had found under the Christmas tree many moons ago, but which he had since lost and forgotten the name of.

Shoot Em Ups arrives one Christmas morning in the 70s

Joe just contacted me with the news that he had been able to track one down! It is called Shoot Em Ups.