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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Nintendo Color TV Game Racing 112 - Leaflet

I recently found a leaflet for Nintendo's Color TV Game Racing 112. The leaflet is a bit stained on the back, but still a nice relic from the late 1970s. It is dated June 26 1978.

Nintendo Racing 112 leaflet (1978)

During these early video game days, game play was portrayed as something for the whole family. With only a single tv set in most houses, it would usually take place in the middle of the living room.

Racing 112 in double player mode, using the paddles

Racing 112 (レーシング 112) from 1978 is one of Nintendo's earliest home video games. It is part of the Color TV Game series, and the successor of Color TV Game 6 and Color TV Game 15.

The game offered a single play mode against CPU opponents as well as a two player mode.

Racing 112 in single player mode, using the steering wheel

The Color TV Games required an AC Adapter (model CTGA-901R), which was sold separately.

Nintendo Color TV Game AC Adapter CTGA-901R

The 1977 leaflet for Color TV Game 6 and TV Game 15 showed a family scene simliar to the one on the Racing 112 leaflet.

Nintendo Color TV Game leaflet (1977)

In 1979, home video games had already became common and accepted, and the Color TV Game Block Kuzushi leaflet is focussed on the product itself, no longer showing where and how to use it.

Nintendo Color TV Game Block Kuzushi leaflet (1979)

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  1. Does the 112 have games from the previous Color TV Games loaded onto it?

    1. No, all 112 games are variants of a racing game. It's different from the previous (ping) pong color games.