Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nintendo Color TV Game Block Kuzushi - Leaflet

I recently acquired some vintage leaflets for Nintendo products. These leaflets were used as marketing material for distributers and shop buyers, and are very colorful and informative.

The leaflet below is the one for the Nintendo Color TV Game Block Kuzushi (任天堂 カラー テレビゲーム ブロック崩し).

Block Kuzushi is part of the Color TV Game series. It is the first home video game system to bear the Nintendo name on its front.

Full leaflet (front and back)

According to this leaflet, the official release date was 昭和54年3月8日 (in the formal Japanese calendar notation), which means 8th of March 1979.

The large slogan states "features a variety of fun layouts" (「楽しさがひろがる多彩な特長」).

The six game variants are described and illustrated extensively in the leaflet: Block Auto, Block Easy, Block Safe, Block Through, Block Writer and Block Killer.

The six different games you can play with Block Kuzushi

For more info on Block Kuzushi, check out this previous post.


  1. Fantastic find. I love leaflets like this, I hope to see more of your new haul in future posts!

  2. Hey there, what a great leaflet. How do you get those perfect scans without moiré patterns? Or it's just hi-res photo?

    1. I made the scans on a regular flatbed scanner, then down sampled the image. I am no expert on removing / preventing moiré, but this seemed to work. :-)