Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nintendo Monster Copy (怪獣コピー, 1971)

Ever since Ultraman first aired on Japanese television in 1966, he has been a popular license figure, appearing on a multitude of products.

Nintendo also released a fair amount of Ultraman based toys, including multiple boardgames, playing cards and even a clock.

The set shown here is called Monster Copy (怪獣コピー).

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nintendo N&B Block promotion (1970)

At the start of the 1970s, Nintendo ran a campaign in order to push sales of the N&B Block series. This campaign must have started sometime in 1970, judging by the end date (January 31st 1971) listed on the promotional poster. The poster also mentions television adverts supporting the campaign.

Nintendo N&B Block promotion poster (1970)

With each N& B Block set purchased (N&Bブロックで) a free pack of cards was gifted (任天堂絵本トランプをプレゼント).

At this point in time, Nintendo's N&B Block construction sets had been out in the Japanese market for two years and had been quite successful. This give-away must have been devised to bolster sales even further.

As one of the largest cards manufacturers in the country, using cards as gift item was an obvious choice for Nintendo. In fact, even today cards are offerred as one of the gifts to choose from in exchange for Club Nintendo points collected by buying Wii and DS games.