Friday, November 18, 2011

The Nintendo Story (German TV Documentary)

A nice overview of Nintendo's past and future was broadcasted yesterday on German TV channel ZDF Kultur (culture channel), called "Die Nintendo Story".

ZDF program "Die Nintendo Story"

You can still watch it on ZDF's website (in German language).

Third on the credit list, just after Nintendo and Sony - not bad! :-)

The documentary uses some imagery and videos from this blog. I am always happy to share information on Nintendo's illustrious past.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

New List of Toys and Games page

This blog's List of Toys and Games page was becoming a bit boring, with only reams of texts and links.

Today I added thumbnails to all the entries in the list, making it more fun to scroll through. It now provides a nice chronological overview of Nintendo's toys and games. The list is not complete yet. But it will be, one day. And getting closer to this point, one blog entry at a time.

The new and improved List of Toys and Games page

So, what do you think of the new page?

Coming soon... The Lefty RX Story

I am currently compiling an overview of the Nintendo Lefty RX (レフティRX) racing cars series.

Nintendo Lefty RX series (1972)

Read all about it in this post.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nintendo Disney Baseball Game (ディズニー野球盤, 1960)

Some time ago, this blog featured a vintage Nintendo sports simulation game, called Nintendo's Baseball Board (任天堂の野球盤), dating from around 1965.

An earlier Nintendo game with the same baseball theme is Disney Baseball Game (ディズニー野球盤, which translates to Disney Baseball Board). Released in 1960, this is a candidate for Nintendo's earliest toy.

Disney Baseball Game by Nintendo (early 60s)

The art on the corrugated cardboard box shows Mickey Mouse in baseball attire, and the slogan「カーブがかかる!」, which means "Catch the curve [ball]!".