Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nintendo Color TV Game - leaflet (任天堂 カラー テレビゲーム カタログ, 1977)

In 1977, Nintendo entered the home video game market with the Color TV Game series. The image below is taken from a leaflet announcing this series in May of that year.

The games were announced as 「見るテレビから遊べるテレビへ」, which translates to "from watching television to playing television". In 1977, interactive entertainment was still a concept that required explanation to a large group of the prospective audience.

The leaflet shows the first versions of both TV Game 6 and TV Game 15, with model numbers CTG-6S and CTG-15S, respectively.

Nintendo TV Game 6 - CTG-6S

Nintendo TV Game 15 - CTG-15S

The two machines play a number (well, 6 and 15 - of course) variations on the pong theme, with names like 'Tennis', 'Volleyball' and 'Hockey'.

The TV Game 6 game options, in singles and doubles mode

The full four-sided leaflet is shown below.

Full leaflet (front and back)

Full leaflet (inside)

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