Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nintendo N&B Block Parts sets (任天堂ブロックのパッツセット)

The Nintendo N&B Block construction series consists of many model sets, with building instructions and just the right blocks to build a particular model, like planes, boats, houses or rockets.

Some examples of Nintendo N&B Block model sets

These sets show the wide range of building possibilities and allow inexperienced builders to create quite sophisticated models.

Just as satisfying, if not more, is to let your imagination run wild and design and build your own models. The so-called Mixed sets cater for this, by providing a good selection of all sorts of blocks.

Nintendo N&B Block Mixed sets

Besides the Mixed sets, there are also special Parts sets (任天堂ブロックのパッツセット). These are affordable sets that allow you to extend your block collection with exactly the blocks you need.

Nintendo N&B Block Parts sets

There are Parts sets for most of the different block shapes.