Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nintendo Custom Lever Action Rifle poster

A few posts ago, we already saw that Nintendo wasn't afraid to show some flesh in the 1970s (case in point: Nintendo pin-up playing cards).

Today we look at a promotional poster from that era, featuring a scantly clad cowgirl.

The poster advertised the 1971 Nintendo Lever Action Rifle (レバーアクション ライフル), which was a realistic rifle reproduction, that was part of the Kousenjuu Custom range of light guns and targets, like the Jumping Bottle and Electro Poker.

Nintendo Kousenjuu Custom Lever Action Action Rifle (1971)

The poster actually does little in terms of explaining what the product is all about. Nintendo isn't even mentioned, nor any product detail except for the "Lever Action Rifle" name in cursive script in the bottom right corner.

Because the rifle is such a good reproduction, it can easily be mistaken for a real one. But the lady is definitely holding one of Nintendo's light beam rifles.

While the Kousenjuu SP plastic guns and rifles where clearly toys, with the Kousenjuu Custom series Nintendo was going after the more adult market, and this poster fits that image: a serious toy for mature boys.

Full size poster

The poster is printed on heavy quality paper and measures 60 by 90 centimeters. It is unknown whether this was merchandizing material for display in shops, or a give-away for customers who bought a Nintendo rifle. Either way, it is an interesting piece of Nintendo marketing history.

For more information about the Kousenjuu light beam series, check out this previous post.

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