Friday, October 14, 2022

Nintendo Australian Copilas operation manual

In a previous post, I showed the Australian version of the Nintendo Copilas.

For completeness sake, a full scan of the operation manual is provided here.

As part of the localization for the Australian market, the document was fully translated into English.

Like the rest of the localization, it has been professionally done.

Besides the English language, the manual is identical to the original Japanse version.

It's an extensive document, with many photo's illustrating the described steps.

All aspects of Copilas ownership are covered: a description of parts, preparing the developing agent, making copies and maintenance.

For maintenance purposes, a screwdriver is included with the Copilas.

Changing the fluorescent lamp requires quite some disassembly.

My favourite, and somewhat ominous, sentence from the manual can be found in the notes section: "If the developing liquid spills inside the machine, trouble may arise."

The back of the manual shows contact details about the Australian distributor, called Unical Pty. If you have any information about this (now defunct) company, please contact me.

For more details about the Copilas in general, check out this previous post. For the Australian version, go here.

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