Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Kyoto Souvenir Playing Cards, closer look part 1

In this post we will take a closer look at the each of the individual cards in the 1950's Nintendo Kyoto Souvenir deck.

The virtual tour is split up over two posts. Here is the first half, with the spades and hearts. The other half, with diamonds and clubs, can be found here.

Let's take a tour around Nintendo's hometown!


Of course we start with the spades, in particular with the ace of spades. Besides this trademark card, the images on the cards cover the following landmarks and events in Kyoto:

  • The Fushimi-inari Shrine (伏見稲荷大社)
  • The Higashihongangi Temple (東本願寺)
  • The Honnoji Temple (本能寺)
  • The Tofukuji Temple (東福寺)
  • The Katsura Imperial Villa (桂離宮)
  • Maruyama Park (円山公園)
  • Thirty-Three-Span Hall (三十三間堂)
  • The National Art Museum (京都国立博物館)
  • The Nanzenji Temple (南禅寺)
  • The Kiyomizu-dera Temple (清水寺)
  • The Tower of Sanpoin Temple (醍醐寺, 五重塔)
  • Jidai Matsuri (時代祭)


Next are the hearts cards, which show the following Kyoto sites and topics:

  • The Koryuji Temple (広隆寺)
  • Takao in Autumn (高雄)
  • Mt. Hiei (比叡山)
  • Ozawanoike (大沢池)
  • The Buyodoin Temple, Uji City (平等院, 宇治市)
  • The Statue of Adam (by Rodin, at the National Art Museum)
  • Kyoto University (京都大学)
  • The Garden of Heian Shrine (平安神宮の日本庭園)
  • Rakushisha (落柿舎)
  • Kyoto yuzen Print (友禅染)
  • Oharame, Ohara Maiden (大原女)
  • Peace Memorial Statue, Heiwa Kwannon (世界平和大観音像, 平和観音寺)
  • Kyoto dolls (京人形)

For the other half of the deck, please go this this post. The backstory about these cards can be found here.

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