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Nintendo Mini Game Series - Overview (ミニゲームシリーズ, 1971-76)

The Nintendo Mini Game Series (ミニゲームシリーズ) consists of at least 51 games, not counting package and color variants. For an introduction to this series please check out this previous post. Below you can find an overview of all games, as well as a table listing them in alphabetical order.

Nintendo Mini Games - Large

The Mini Games came in two blister pack sizes: large and small. We first take a look at the large games and start with the Horse Race Game (競馬ゲーム).

Continuing from top left, going to bottom right, shown below are Ball Game (バールゲーム), Rabbit Coaster (ラビットコースター), Bee Hive Game (ハチの巣ゲーム), Gear Drive (ギヤドライブ), Hopping Game (ホッピングゲーム) and Gun Game (ガンゲーム):

Magnet Chess (マグネットチェス), Line Up 5 (五ならべ), Ball Taking Game (玉とりゲーム), Bridge Crossing Game (橋渡しゲーム), White & Red (ホワイト&レッド) and Napoleon (ナポレオン):

Picture Puzzle (ピクチュアパズル), all sets containing three puzzles each:

Please note that only three different Picture Puzzle sets exist. The left two appear to be different, but contain the same three puzzle (Bullet train, 101 Dalmatians and Bambi). They simply do not show the same puzzle on top. The right one contains the following three puzzles: Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and The Beanstalk and Birthday Party.

A third Picture Puzzle set contains the puzzles seven little goatskagome kagome (a Japanese children's game) and an express train. More on these puzzles here.

We continue with Hockey Game (ホッケーゲーム), Badminton Game (バトミントンゲーム), Sky Ring (スカイリング) and Miracle Ball (ミラクルボール):

Diving Shot (ダイビングショット) I was able to add to my collection after searching for it for around twenty years.

And the last five large games in this overview Marble Shot (マーブルショット), Ball Cue Game (玉つきゲーム), Ball Cue Soccer (玉つきサッカー), Table Roulette (テーブルルーレット) and High Low Game (大小ゲーム):

Nintendo Mini Games - Small

We now move to the small games. Again starting from top left and going to bottom right, we see Car Race (カーレース), Roulette (ルーレット), Volley Ball Game (バレーボールゲーム), Smart Ball (スマートボール), Basket Ball (バスケットボール) and Air Gun (エアーガン):

Car License (カーライセンス), Line Up 4 (4つならべ), Colorful Ball (カラフルボール), Pitfall Game (おとし穴ゲーム), Baseball Pachinko (ベースボールパチンコ) and Mountain Climbing Game (山のぼりゲーム):

Bulldozer Game (ブルドーザーゲーム), Bound Ball (バウンドボール), Kurukurubanban (クルクルバンバン), Hurdle Race (ハードルレース), Operation Bomber (ボンバー大作戦) and Catcher Boat (キャッチャーボート):

We continue with Gear Challenge (キヤチャレンジ), Time Shock (タイムショック), Mini Shogi (ミニ将棋), Challenge Dice (チャレンジダイス) and Love Tester (ラブテスター):

One more Mini Game is Block Puzzle (ブロックパズル). The two versions shown below contain the same puzzle cubes, it's just different sides that are visible on the front. [More info about this Mini Game here.]

Still missing from my collection is this alternative play field design version of Gun Game.

Wanted! Mini Game Gun Game

The final Mini Game in this overview is Space Ball (スペースボール). Like Challenge Dice and Love Tester, this is a repacked version of a game originally sold outside the Mini Game series. This version of Space Ball I also do not have in my collection yet.

Wanted! Mini Game Space Ball

If you have any of these missing games, or any other Mini Game not shown above, please contact me.

Nintendo Mini Games - Full List

An overview of all known games in the Nintendo Mini Game Series is provided in the table below. The product numbers refer to the number found on the blister pack of each game (located mostly in the top left).

Nintendo Mini Game Series
#NameEnglish TranslationProduct #
14つならべLine Up 4616
2エアーガンAir Gun34
3おとし穴ゲームPitfall Game508
4カーライセンスCar License506
5カーレースCar Race33
6カラフルボールColorful Ball507
7ガンゲームGun Game32
8キヤチャレンジGear Challenge65
9キャッチャーボートCatcher Boat54
10ギヤドライブGear Drive73
12スカイリングSky Ring509
13スペースボールSpace Ball?
14スマートボールSmart Ball37 / 610
15ダイビングショットDiving Shot72
16タイムショックTime Shock53
17チャレンジダイスChallenge Dice51
18テーブルルーレットTable Roulette805
20ハードルレースHurdle Race612
21バールゲームBall Game35
22バウンドボールBound Ball617
23バスケットボールBasket Ball44
24ハチの巣ゲームBee Hive Game71
25バトミントンゲームBadminton Game802
26バレーボールゲームVolley Ball Game64
27ピクチュアパズルPicture Puzzle #131
28ピクチュアパズルPicture Puzzle #2451
29ピクチュアパズルPicture Puzzle #3451
30ブルドーザーゲームBulldozer Game613
31ブロックパズルBlock Puzzle52
32ベースボールパチンコBaseball Pachinko606
33ホッケーゲームHockey Game91
34ホッピングゲームHopping Game42
35ホワイト&レッドWhite & Red903
36ボンバー大作戦Operation Bomber608
37マーブルショットMarble Shot69
38マグネットチェスMagnet Chess61
39ミニ将棋Mini Shogi607
40ミラクルボールMiracle Ball907
41ラビットコースターRabbit Coaster46
42ラブテスターLove Tester55
43ルーレットRoulette41 / 601
44五ならべLine Up 562 / 905
45大小ゲームHigh Low Game806
46山のぼりゲームMountain Climbing Game615
47橋渡しゲームBridge Crossing Game92
48玉つきゲームBall Cue Game801
49玉つきサッカーBall Cue Soccer704
50玉とりゲームBall Taking Game36
51競馬ゲームHorse Racing Game43

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