Friday, February 28, 2014

Nintendo Mini Game Block Puzzle (ブロックパズル, ca 1972)

The Nintendo Mini Game series from the 1970s is one of the favorite parts of my Nintendo collection.

It's a combination of the colorful designs and simple but fun game play that I like a lot. The packaging and overall game design also oozes 1970s style, which is the time period in which I grew up, so nostalgia probably is part of the appeal.

From a collector's point of view, it is also great that there so many different games to collect in this series.

Nintendo Mini Game Block Puzzle (ca 1972)

For many years, I believed that the series consisted of 48 different games in total. Until a few months ago, when a 49th game was discovered.

Just recently, I discovered yet another Mini Game. It is called Block Puzzle (ブロックパズル) and dates from around 1972.

Although the two versions shown here appear to be different games, they are actually completely identical. The only difference is the sides of the blocks that are exposed on the front.

The packing has the bright psychedelic style, used by all the early games in the Mini Game series. In this case some Disney figures are also thrown into the mix.

The back of the blister pack shows the six Disney scenes that can be created with the Block Puzzle.

The Disney characters used are officially licensed, as is also evident from the Walt Disney Productions sticker on the back.

The Block Puzzle consists of nine plastic cubes, and a cardboard tray.

This tray is decorated with a pattern of Nintendo logos.

Each side of the cubes contains a part of one of the six different scenes.

By arranging the cubes correctly, a complete scene emerges.

The scenes that can be created show Disney favorites Snow White, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, 101 Dalmatians, Pinocchio, Cinderella and Bambi.

The Block Puzzle is clearly targeted at young children, although the puzzles can be a bit more difficult than they initially appear.

This find brings the list of Nintendo Mini Games to a total of 50. Well, I should say at least 50 games, because by now I am not so sure any more that we have seen all. Actually, I hope to find some more!

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