Sunday, January 1, 2012

Nintendo Challenge Dice - Rare Western version (1970)

I recently came across a rare Western release of the 1969 Nintendo puzzle game Challenge Dice.

The packaging is a great example of 70s design.

Nintendo Challenge Dice (1970 version)

Up until now, I was only aware of Challenge Dice sold outside Japan under the name Chaotic Cube.

Challenge Dice, alongside the two different Chaotic Cube versions

Chaotic Cube was sold by Pacific Game Company, under license from Nintendo.

Two colors of Chaotic Cube are known to exist: red and green. Although the Challenge Dice was sold in Japan in white as well, no white version of Chaotic Cube has surfaced so far.

Interestingly, the newly discovered Western version of Challenge Dice is white. The cardboard packaging is similar to the box the Chaotic Cube comes in, with the same "Anyone can take it apart..." slogan. The art work on the box is very different though.

This version is sold under the original name, and is copyrighted to 'Nintendo Playing Card co', the international company Nintendo established to sell their playing cards in the 60s. It appears Nintendo first released Challenge Dice abroad themselves, then next licensed the game to Pacific Game Company, who took over distribution in the West.

The Challenge Dice included in the Western package was produced in Japan and identical to the ones sold in the home market (except that in Japan it was sold in just the plastic case, without the additional packaging).

The included English instructions are a straight translation of the Japanese manual. Clearly the work of non-native speakers, they include some pretty funny Japanglish:
"The challenge dice game is the creative game for adult and children who enjoy to play it in the full ability of creation power."
You can't argue what that.

Challenge Dice instructions in English (sort of)

If you are aware of more versions of this game floating around, please let me know.

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