Monday, October 15, 2018

Meet the Collectors - #9 - Pasquale Esposito

It's been a while since the previous episode of Meet The Collectors on this blog. I always love to see fellow collectors' passion for their hobby, and I hope to share more of these posts in the future, with collections big or small.

Today we head to Italy, to meet Pasquale who has gathered quite a nice collection, with new and vintage Nintendo items, as well some other brand video games.

"Hi! I am Pasquale Esposito, 20 years old. I am from Naples but now I live in Apulia, another region of South Italy. I work as sales clerk in a kitchen appliance store and I also study Economy at the University."

"In my free time I’m a football referee and a 'Leo' Member. I know that I’m very young for being a collector, but video-games are my biggest passion."

"I have been collecting (almost) since I was born. My father introduced me to video-games; when I was very young I sat next to him when he was playing GranTurismo. When I reached the age to hold a joystick my hands, I started buying lots of video-games."

"When I was young I wished for a Gameboy, but no one bought it for me. When I became older I bought a “sparkling” Gameboy from France, and this was the first piece of my collection."

"I started to collect old Nintendo games and toys because I was so curious about the history of the company. So I went on the internet to find more and more information; starting from the beginning of the company to the current days. I collected a lot of information about the 'big N'."

"At first I bought items in my area, but I found only common videogames and absolutely nothing rare. I then started searching items on the Ebay, from international sellers, as well as directly from Japan."

"I found a way to buy toys and video-games directly from Japan, and I check what is available every day. I try to find the rarest Nintendo pieces. My house is like a post office, as almost every day I receive a package from Japan."

"When I receive new items for my collection, I check them very carefully. If needed, I clean and repair them. I also try to learn how they work. At the end of this process, I store them in my little bedroom."

"One of my favorite items is Custom Gunman/Lion, because I love the mechanism and the technology in it. In my opinion it was a big innovation for its time (1976)."

“Another one is the Ultra Hand, because it is the first product designed by the Gunpei Yokoi, and therefor one of the most important products of the company."

"I am still looking for a Mamaberica, a Nintendo Twins and also an Unirack. I know that these products are very rare, but I try to find them every day and every night."

"For me, the most important items in my collection are the development consoles, given to me by a very good friend that nowadays works in the world of video-games."

"Other important and very typical are the Copilas and the Candy Machine, because in these products we can see the fantasy and the beauty that still today characterises the Nintendo company."

In the video below we see Pasquale try his Nintendo Candy Machine, which is almost 50 years old!

I want to thank Pasquale for sharing his collection with us. If you also would like to be featured in Meet the Collectors, please contact me.


  1. Thanks Erik, your blog is so magic and I am very happy to be part of your team!