Friday, August 24, 2012

Beforemario in Retro Gamer magazine

Retro Gamer is one of my favourite magazines. This UK publication has been going strong for years now. It continues to deliver informative and entertaining stories on classic games, including interviews with their makers.

Retro Gamer (issue 106)

In this month issue (#106), there is a feature on 20 Nintendo games you've never played. By it's very nature this is a subjective list, but an interesting list nonetheless.

Retro Gamer invited me to contribute a little piece to this article, focussing on Nintendo's toys.

I picked five toys I think will be surprising and interesting for Retro Gamer's readership, most of whom are not familiar with Nintendo's pre-NES past.

Retro Gamer included a nice credit and plug for the site.

You can buy the magazine on the Retro Gamer website. They also sell it as PDF download.

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