Friday, January 18, 2013

Nintendo Computer Othello (コンピューター オセロ, 1978) - Leaflet #2

Some time ago, I posted a leaflet for the 1978 Nintendo arcade game Computer Othello (コンピューター オセロ). I recently found a second one, shown here.

Nintendo Computer Othello (1978)

Computer Othello was Nintendo's first video arcade game, though Nintendo had created other types of arcade games before (e.g. electro-mechanical games).

The leaflet is dated '53-6-10', which means 10 June 1978 in the Japanese calendar.

This leaflet shows how quickly the arcade games were becoming part of mainstream life, be it for a short time.

Full leaflet (front, back)

These machines popped up all over the place. Not just in dedicated arcade halls, but basically everywhere where there were people who wanted to be entertained or who had some time to kill.

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