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Nintendo N&B Block Parts sets (任天堂ブロックのパッツセット)

The Nintendo N&B Block construction series consists of many model sets, with building instructions and just the right blocks to build a particular model, like planes, boats, houses or rockets.

Some examples of Nintendo N&B Block model sets

These sets show the wide range of building possibilities and allow inexperienced builders to create quite sophisticated models.

Just as satisfying, if not more, is to let your imagination run wild and design and build your own models. The so-called Mixed sets cater for this, by providing a good selection of all sorts of blocks.

Nintendo N&B Block Mixed sets

Besides the Mixed sets, there are also special Parts sets (任天堂ブロックのパッツセット). These are affordable sets that allow you to extend your block collection with exactly the blocks you need.

Nintendo N&B Block Parts sets

There are Parts sets for most of the different block shapes.

All N&B Block shapes, with shape numbers

Ten different Parts sets exist in total. Every one contains a small selections of related shapes. They cost ¥100 each, except for the sets P-70 and P-90, which cost ¥200.

The numbers on the side of the Parts boxes indicate the blocks included
(e.g. P-10 contains block shapes #17 and #19)

The model numbers for these sets all start with a 'P'. The model number corresponds with the range of blocks included.

Parts sets P-01, P-10, P-20, P-30 and P-35 (as listed in a N&B Block leaflet)

Parts set contain blocks in a single color. According to a N&B Block leaflet, they are available in many different colors. However, I have so far only come across sets in red and white. Nintendo probably intended to produce a full Parts range, covering all colors, but never got around to actually doing this.

Parts sets P-40, P-60, P-70, P-80 and P-90

On the backside of the Parts boxes, small building examples are presented.

Below all ten different Parts sets are listed, starting with P-01. Set P-01 includes block shapes #01, #02, #04 and #12. It has 49 pieces in total.

Set P-10 has block shapes #17 and #19 (6 pieces in total).

Set P-20 has block shapes #21, #22, #23 and #24 (23 pieces in total).

Set P-30 has block shapes #30, #31 and #32 (40 pieces in total).

Set P-35 has block shapes #34 and #36 (6 pieces in total).

Set P-40 has block shapes #41, #42, #44 and #46 (27 pieces in total).

Set P-60 has block shapes #62, #64 and #66 (16 pieces in total).

The Parts set P-70 comes in a box that is slightly larger than the others. This box also has a small plastic window that shows the pieces inside. It contains block shapes #66, #72, #74 and #76 and a total of 46 pieces.

Set P-80 has block shapes #84 and #86 (8 pieces in total).

The box of set P-90 is simliar to that of P-70. It contains block shapes #91, #93, #95 and #96, as well as eight 'shaft' (シャフト) pieces, which inexplicably do not have a part number. The total number of pieces in this set is 48.

A keen observer may have noticed that no Parts set exists with model number P-50.

Block #55 was sold in larger supplement sets (NB 300-55 shown here)

This is makes sense, as the block shape #55 (the eight-shape) was considered a basic block (like the 2 by 4 brick). It was sold in larger supplement sets called NB 300-55 and NB 600-55.

Assortment of N&B Block Parts sets

By the way, I am currently still looking for a P-90 set. If you have one of these for trade or sale, or if you have seen Parts sets in colors other than red or white, please contact me.

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