Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nintendo board game Happy Prince (ディズニーのハッピープリンス, early 1960s)

The Nintendo board game Happy Prince (ディズニーのハッピープリンス) is a game based on the Disney movie Sleeping Beauty.

Nintendo Happy Prince board game (early 1960s)

Like many of the early Nintendo board games, it is a localized Japanese version of a game created by American company Whitman. The original Whitman game is called Disney's Sleeping Beauty Game.

Happy Prince is a pretty standard affair, with a spin of the dice largely determining the outcome of the game.

When we take a better look at the back of the play field, we see something interesting.

This game is one of the few games released by Nintendo under the brand Nippon Game. In this case they actually used both names: Nippon Game as the formal brand name, but the Nintendo name also appears in the drawing of a ribbon.

More about Nippon Game and Nintendo's logo history can be found here.

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