Sunday, September 29, 2013

Beforemario in N-Zone

This month's issue of N-Zone features a retro special on Nintendo's history before they made video games. N-Zone is Germany's biggest Nintendo magazine.

N-Zone #198 - October 2013

This special is the first in a series of three parts. The first part focusses on the period from the start in 1889 to the introduction of the Ultra Hand.

The images that illustrate the piece may look familiar to regular readers of this blog, as they were provided by beforemario. I gladly support these kind of publications that contribute to spreading the story about Nintendo illustrious past.

The N-Zone team returned the favor by including a QR code with a link to my blog.

The next two parts will appear later this year, in the N-Zone of November and December.

Check out all three parts here.

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