Monday, December 23, 2013

Nintendo Companion Kotaku 'Shop Contest

A few days ago, gaming website Kotaku ran a story on the Nintendo Companion walkie-talkie, based on an earlier post here on beforemario.

There is no arguing that the Companion set contains two very cool looking 1960s-style handsets. But the box art featuring two chatty youngsters is arguably even more compelling.

Nintendo Companion

So when a Kotaku reader threw out the question "Photoshop contest?", the Kotaku team simply had to abide. Thus began the Companion 'Shop Contest 'Shop Talk. The rules are very simple: take the original box image and Photoshop it into whatever you want.

Below a selection from the entries. For credits check out the post on Kotaku.

Even good buddies Satoru and Reggie join the party.

Some entries strayed a bit further from the original box design.

My personal favorite is the one below. It's actually not funny at all, but a social comment on the impact technology has on our lives. The title「現代版で / 寂しい」means "In the modern version / I'm Lonely".

To top this of, a week after this 'Shop Contest, the Companion image was also included in Kotaku's 2013 Year-End All-Star Extravaganza.

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