Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nintendo Game & Watch Multi Screen (ゲーム&ウォッチ マルチスクリーン, 1982-83)

Yesterday's post on my second ever Nintendo game (Game & Watch Mario Bros.) got me so excited about these great little handhelds, that I decided to continue with this topic.

Nintendo Game & Watch Multi Screen Mario Bros., Rain Shower and Lifeboat

The first two Game & Watch Multi Screen games (Oil Panic and Donkey kong) were released close to each other in May and June of 1982.

[Video uploaded by Youtube user ksoik]

Two more were released at the end of 1982, just in time for Christmas: Mickey & Donald and Greenhouse.

[Video uploaded by Youtube user ksoik]

Donkey & Kong II followed in March of 1982, bringing the total to five.

The first five Multi Screen Game & Watch games

We will take a look at these five in a future post, but first focus on the three that followed: Mario Bros. (product code MW-56), Rain Shower (LP-57) and Lifeboat (TC-58).

These three have the same housing design: the clamshell opens like a little book and the two screens sit next to each other. This sets them apart from the other Multi Screen games, that have a lid that opens up, and two screens sitting above each other.

The Multi Screen games retailed for ¥6,000.

Mario Bros. was the first of the three to be released. It saw the light of day on White Day (March 14) of 1983, although that probably was just a coincidence.

It is my personal favorite Game & Watch. And not just because it was my first, although that may play a role as well.

I will let the images below do most of the talking.

Nintendo Game & Watch Multi Screen Mario Bros. (1983)

In August of 1983, Mario Bros. got a brother: Game & Watch Multi Screen Rain Shower.

Nintendo Game & Watch Multi Screen Rain Shower (1983)

The final of these three Multi Screens followed in October of 1983: Lifeboat.

Nintendo Game & Watch Multi Screen Lifeboat (1983)

I really adore these games. The housing design and colors, the game logos, the gameplay and controls: everything is so well designed and simply oozes the labour of love of the Nintendo team.

Between December 1983 and as late as 1989 (Game & Watch Zelda), seven more Multi Screen games followed, bringing the total to fifteen. More on these some other time.


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  2. What a great post. Game & Watch games (Game & Watches?) are little pieces of art and it's awesome to see an article on them from someone who feels the same way!

  3. Hi! I make a version of this game, I hope that you like it!

  4. I finally purchased Lifeboat secondhand to complete the collection of 3 that open like a book. Wow Im so proud to own these pieces of history