Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nintendo Paper Model series - Overview (ペーパーモデル シリーズ, 1974)

The 1974 Nintendo Paper Model (ペーパーモデル) line of papercraft sets consists of 39 sets in total.

Nintendo Paper Model series (1974)

These sets are grouped in four themed series:
  • Vehicle Series
  • Building Series
  • Zoo Series
  • Panorama Series

Below an overview is given of all sets. Further information about the Paper Model series can be found here.

Paper Model - Vehicle Series

The Vehicle Series (のりものシリーズ) consists of 16 different models.

Vehicle Series #1 - Jumbo airliner (ジャンボ旅客機)

Vehicle Series #2 - Balloon (気球)

Vehicle Series #3 - Dump truck (ダンプカー)

Vehicle Series #4 - Yacht (ヨット)

Vehicle Series #5 - San Francisco cable car (サンフランシスコのケーブルカー)

Vehicle Series #6 - Double decker bus (2階だてバス)

Vehicle Series #7 - Carina hardtop (カリーナハードトップ)

Vehicle Series #8 - Dragster (ドラッグスター)

Vehicle Series #9 - Jeep (ジップ)

Vehicle Series #10 - Mig fighter plane (ミグ戦闘機)

Vehicle Series #11 - Racing car (レーシングカー)

Vehicle Series #12 - Jet fighter plane (ジェット戦闘機)

Vehicle Series #13 - Mercedes Benz 1929 model (メルセヂスベンシ 1929年式)

Vehicle Series #14 - D51 steam locomotive (D51 蒸気機関車)

Vehicle Series #15 - French biplane (フランスの複葉機)

Vehicle Series #16 - Classic car Mercer 35 (クラシックカー マーサー 35)

Paper Model - Building Series

There are 7 different models in the Building Series (たてものシリーズ).

Building Series #1 - Tower Bridge (タワーブリッジ )

Building Series #2 - House with a veranda (ベランダのある家)

Building Series #3 - French castle (フランスのお城)

Building Series #4 - House with a garden (庭のある家)

Building Series #5 - Five-storied pagoda (五重塔)

Building Series #6 - Windmill (風車小屋)

Building Series #7 - Notre Dame (ノートルダム寺院)

Paper Model - Zoo Series

The Zoo Series (どうぶつシリーズ) consists of 6 different models.

Zoo Series #1 - Penguins (ペンギン)

Zoo Series #2 - Elephants (ぞう)

Zoo Series #3 - Zebras & Giraffe (きりん しまうま)

Zoo Series #4 - Turtles (かめ)

Zoo Series #5 - Kangaroos (カンガルー)

Zoo Series #6 - Lions (ライオン)

Paper Model - Panorama Series

The Panorama Series (パノラマシリーズ) consists of 10 elaborate sets.

Panorama Series #1 - City set (都市セット)

Panorama Series #2 - Airport set (空港セット)

Panorama Series #3 - Amusement park set (遊園地セット)

Panorama Series #4 - Circuit set (サーキットセット)

Panorama Series #5 - Battleship set (戦艦セット)

Panorama Series #6 - Steam locomotive set (蒸気機関車セット)

Panorama Series #7 - Western town set (西部の町セット)

Panorama Series #8 - Harbor set (港セット)

Panorama Series #9 - Town of Venice set (ベニスの町セット)

Panorama Series #10 - Stock farm set (牧場セット)

An introduction to the Paper Model series can be found here.


  1. Wow! I love paper models. Never would've thought that Nintendo had made some! These surely would've been fun to build as a kid...

    Do you think there's a chance you could post scanned versions of the actual sheets so that people could download and build them? Was it difficult to acquire any intact model sheets (not yet built)?

    This find might also be interesting for papercraft forums and blogs.

    - Johan

    1. Hi Johan,

      It is not too hard to find unused original sheets in Japan. They turn up as old stock every now and then on places like Yahoo Japan auctions. Finding all 39 is a challenge, though. :-)

      I will see if I can post some scans. What would be an ok resolution for this?

      I am not familiar with the papercraft community online, but if you are - please feel free to post a link to this article.


  2. Hi Erik,

    As far as resolutions go: If the models come on typical sheets about the same size as a US letter or DINA4 piece of paper, a scan resolution of 150dpi would be enough. Even higher would be better, of course, but would also increase the file size.

    I will reach out to some papercraft forums and sites in the next couple of days, see if others might also appreciate your post.
    Also, you could add "papercraft" to such blog posts to increase the potential reach (search engines).


    1. Hi Johan,

      I just posted more information about these paper models, as well as a number of scans in this post.

      The sheets are somewhere between A3 and A2 in size.


  3. Who would have thought this would make its return, albeit in the form of a spiritual successor, in 2018! It'll be interesting to see if there are any direct references to this in Nintendo Labo.